• Homework

    Reading HW

    Remember to have students prove their answers. An example is below:

    Students should number the paragraphs in an article (if they aren't numbered already) and then highlight where they find the answers to their questions in the passage. Once they have done that, they should record the paragraph number and sentence number next to their answer, so it will look something like this:

    1. What is the reason that bears hibernate?

    a. they are bored

    b. food is scarce in the winter time P2S6

    c. they like to sleep

    This shows me they found their answer in paragraph 2 sentence 6. This request really helps students remember to go back into the passage to look for answers.  

    It would be great to look over their reading homework for highlighting and proof. 

    Please have students read atleast 20 minutes per night. 

    Reading Homework will be due on Friday.

    Math HW

    We will have math homework on most nights M-Th. If we have a test on one day then we will not have homework that night.