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    Mrs. Lovell

    Facts About Me

    *Happily married with 5 children (four boys and a girl).

    *Taught Technology Education for 35 years. (ten years in Upstate New York)

    *Love to go camping in the mountains.

    *Love to collect antique technology and kitchen stuff.

    *Love to create crafts and jewelry from odds and ends.

    *Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1977 in Industrial Arts with a BSED.

    *Graduated from Potsdam University, NY with a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology Media Management.

    *I have worked in Poquoson Middle School for 25 years.


  • 6th Grade: Introduction to Technology: We will explore alternative energy sources and learn about electricity and electronics. What is problem solving? Students will be learning basic wooodworking skills by making a small project.  They will be making a lamp from a recycled glass quart size jar.  They will learn how to wire the lamp so it really works!

    7th Grade: Inventions and Innovations: How do designers make products on the computer and then test them ?  We will learn how and make a CO2 powered race car from a block of wood.  How do engineers design bridges? On the computer and then build a model to test, we will too.  We will innovate using 3-Dimensional drawings.

    8th Grade: Technology Systems: How does an airplane fly? What is the science behind the design? By designing a 3-D model, making it by hand, and testing it in the wind tunnel, we will find out.  What are alternative energy sources for cars? We will research, and make a solar car model to race and find out the technology behind the science of solar cars.

    Creative Writing: If you love to write, and create articles, stories, and poetry, this is the class for you. 


Mrs. Sally Lovell

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Mrs. Sally Lovell

Welcome to my class. All my stucents will need to bring a composition notebook, pocket folder, pen and pencil that will be kept in the shop locker.