The 3rd Quarter ended on March 13. Students have the opportunity to improve their grade if they wish by following the instructions provided and reading the email that was sent to students on their school Gmail account on Monday, March 30. If you are happy with your 3rd Quarter grade, then you need to take no additional action at this time. Information about 4th Quarter assignments will be coming to you soon. 

    If you wish to improve your grade, you will need to complete the Quizizz assignments that I have outlined for you on OneNote over the past two weeks.  I will take an average of the 8 Quizizz assignments and enter it as a test grade in the grade book.  Your name must be on all 8 of the Quizizz assignments to get credit. If I do not recognize the name, I will not be able to grade it. When you are finished with the 8 Quizizz assignments you must email me that you are finished. It can only strengthen the final grade for the quarter. If you would like to retake any Quizizz you have already attempted to improve your score, you may do so and I will take the higher grade.

     These assignments will need to be completed in Quizizz by Wednesday, April 8, 2020. *Please email me to tell me that you have completed the required assignments to improve your 3rd quarter grade.*


    Welcome to PreAlgebra!

    I am looking forward to working together to make this a great year!

    My goal is to help students become “real world” problem-solvers and life-long learners.

    Course Description:  This course is designed to provide a preliminary study of the concepts of algebra and to strengthen student's skills in problem solving and mathematical concepts.  The course addresses the eighth grade math Standards of Learning for middle school in the areas of number sense, computation, estimation,measurement, geometry, probability, statistics, patterns, functions and algebra.