Mrs. Katrina Felmeten

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Mrs. Katrina Felmeten

Welcome to my class.

Each child is unique in personality and educational needs.  I believe that as an educator it is my responsibility to provide an environment that is safe, caring, and interesting thus fostering growth in all aspects of development.  I encourage students to become responsible members of their classroom community through class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles.  My classroom is structured to teach students to be responsible for themselves and to value their education.  Once they have mastered the classroom rules I feel that they will be equipped with the tools they will need to be successful, believe in themselves and take pride in all that they do. I recognize that teaching is ever evolving and being willing to explore new methods and evaluate their effectiveness has been essential to success in my classroom.  While my methods may change there are several principles that are steadfast.  I feel that learning should be guided by the teacher rather than just presented.  A guided classroom discussion allows students to value their differences and be confident in sharing their thoughts with others without fear of criticism.  I live by the motto “born to be consistent”. A balance between giving students choices and setting boundaries is critical to teaching them respect for themselves, respect for their classmates, and giving them the tools that will shape their decision making in the future.  I look forward to a successful year!