• Welcome to Resource English


    Resource English is designed to help students a better understanding of important aspects of reading. The following guidelines are in place to ensure a quiet, productive classroom atmosphere and to provide each student the chance to utilize this period of time without disturbance from others.



    Students are expected to be sitting in their seat quietly and ready for class to begin when the bell rings.  The consequences for tardiness are:

    1) Warning; 2) Lunch detention; 3) Administrative detention; 4) 1 day of ISS;    5) 2 or more ISS days.  Resets every semester. Get to class on time!!!

    • No food in the classroom.  Only water bottles with a screw top are permitted.
    • Bring materials and work to class every day.  Learn to plan ahead as trips to your locker are discouraged.
    • Keep bathroom/nurse/water trips to a minimum.  Let me know of any special circumstances.
    • Students are expected to be respectful and refrain from talking while the teacher or others are talking.
    • Return any materials you borrowed to their proper location.
    • Stay seated until the bell rings and teacher dismisses class.



    • Follow the class rules.
    • Respect the materials and personal space of others.
    • Remain on task and focused on the topic or closely related science topics.
    • Cooperation and teamwork skills should be seen daily.



    In order to ensure the proper atmosphere for learning, your grade will be based on your actions, participation in our daily classwork assignments, short quizzes, and tests.


    Ashley Robbins

    Email: ashley.robbins@poquoson.k12.va.us

    Phone: (757) 868-7123

    Office: B-1