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  • AP European History


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    Welcome to AP European History!

    At the end of this course, every student should—

    --gain knowledge of basic chronology of major events and trends from approximately 1450 to the present

    --develop an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history

    --analyze historical evidence

    --to analyze and express historical understanding in writing.

    How We Reach the Goal:

    1st Quarter: 1450-1648 Crisis of 14th Century and Rebirth, Reformation and Exploration, 30 Years War, Absolutism, Scientific Revolution

    2nd Quarter: 1648-1815 Enlightenment and A New Social Order, French Revolution and Its Aftermath  

    3rd Quarter: 1815-1914 Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Realism, Mass Society, Into the Modern Era, Imperialism  

    4th Quarter: 1914- Present WWI and the Interwar Years, WWII, Cold War, Protest Era, Into a Global Age, Economic Policy, Foreign Policy