• The AP Euro course has its own Google Classroom page as an online go-to resource for upcoming events, assignments, and assessments.  See Mr. Smith to get your info!

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  • Course Description/Goals

    The goal of the AP European History course is for students to gain knowledge of basic chronology of major events and trends from approximately 1450 to the present.  Students will develop an understanding of some of the principal themes in modern European history, an ability to analyze historical evidence, and an ability to analyze and express historical understanding in writing.  The course is considered a college-level class and hence requires dedication beyond the traditional classes in high school.  The course standards are set by the College Board to prepare students to receive college-credit for work done in high school if the students’ scores on the AP exam are excellent.

    AP European History is a challenging course, perhaps the hardest of the Advanced Placement Social Studies classes.  If you are more concerned about your grade than learning the history of Europe and preparing for the rigor of college, you are in the wrong class!  This class will move very quickly (19 chapters in 33 weeks).  The teacher’s role is to “fill out” the text, not recite it during class.  Hence, all readings are to be done prior to the start of class each day.  The AP exam is offered on Wednesday, 6 May 2020 at 12 pm.  All students who take the AP exam will be exempt from taking the final exam.  Registration for the AP Exam must be done by 15 November 2019 and will cost $94.00.

    This course is offered to better prepare you for college-level history courses.  Class time will be divided between skills-building exercises, lectures, analytical thinking, writing, and recall. At the same time, readings and discussions are intended to promote understanding and create insight into the processes of history and thinking historically. Success in this class will require a level of responsibility, cooperation, and interaction that you may not have experienced before.  Academic success will also require your attention, preparation, and effort in class, as well as independent work outside of class.  It is very important that you complete all of the required readings and the related assignments and save all handouts (including this one) in a binder.

    This course supports the Profile of a Virginia Graduate, an initiate where every graduate of Poquoson High School will experience in his/her K-12 career Content Knowledge, Workplace Skills, Career Exploration, Community Engagement, and Civic Responsibility. To reinforce this initiative, this course participates in Project Based Learning, where your student may work within a team on a sustained project that will include the “Five C’s” of Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship.


    Highlighters, colored pencils, clear tape, Composition Book, 3-ring Binder; somewhere to keep passwords safe and handy, like an agenda or personal planner; a thumb drive is not necessary, but some previous students have found them useful for saving unfinished work.


    Students are to always have their supplies when they come to class.  As this is a computer lab, food and drinks are not allowed around the computers.  Students should be in their seat and ready to listen/work/learn when the bell rings.  All students have something to add to the discussions, but they will raise a hand to be recognized before speaking, and therefore not disrupt the learning atmosphere of the classroom.  Overall, students are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy, and abide by the Code of Conduct in the PHS Student Handbook.  Many assignments may be assigned and turned in through Google Classroom. 


    Tests- 50%, Quizzes- 30%, and Classwork/Homework- 20%.  You will have tests (multiple choice, ID’s, and essays), reading quizzes, content quizzes, projects, in-class writing assignments, presentations and homework.  Assignments are due at the beginning of the period or by the beginning of 1st period as directed. I will accept late assignments but they will receive no more that half credit.  I expect you to:               

    • Demonstrate knowledge of history in class discussions
      ·Use critical thinking abilities by making comparisons, analyses and inferences
      ·Effectively communicate facts and opinions
      ·Be respectful of the opinions of others

    Text:  Western Civilization Since 1300 by Jackson Spielvogel, 9th Ed.   Primary sources and literature will be covered from a variety of sources.  

    The AP Exam

    The exam will feature short-answer, document-based, and essay questions that ask students to demonstrate historical content knowledge and thinking skills through written responses. Multiple-choice questions will ask students to use content knowledge to analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.

    The exam will consist of four parts:

    • 55 multiple-choice questions (55 minutes, 40 percent)
    • Three short-answer questions (40 minutes, 20 percent)
    • One document-based question (60 minutes, 25 percent)
    • One long essay question (40 minutes, 15 percent)