• During the past three months the School Board received information to assist them in making a decision about school consolidation. They thoroughly analyzed the information presented to them and held engaging discussions about the information they received during each of their televised work sessions. As a reminder, all of the information is available below.

    At the School Board meeting on November 28, 2017, the superintendent presented additional information related to school consolidation that the Board requested at the October meeting.  School Board members took future enrollment projections and the cost of the capital work that would need to be done in each of the school consolidation scenarios into consideration during their decision making process.  PCPS is projected to experience an enrollment increase in the coming years. The capital costs that would be incurred in any of the five consolidation scenarios would exceed the funding the City can currently borrow and remain within its financial guidelines.

    After a great deal of work and deliberation and by consensus, the School Board decided not to move forward with further discussion about school consolidation.

    Work will now begin in the school division to determine what improvements and modernization work will be done at the middle school. The School Board will need to work with City Council members on this project because the City will need to borrow money to fund any work at PMS.  Additionally, the City has projects that need to be addressed on the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The school division also has additional projects on the CIP to include roof replacements at the primary and high schools.

    The School Board members were methodical in their approach to the decision making process. They and school division staff will do the same in the coming months as discussion about the PMS facility occurs.

    School Consolidation Decision Making Process Information

    Links to videos of meetings, which were held about school consolidation can be found below. During these meetings, informational presentations were given and discussions were held by the School Board members.  

    School Board Work Session 11-28-2017

    School Board Work Session 10-17-2017

    School Board Work Session 9-19-2017

    School Board Work Session 8-22-2017

    School Board/City Council Joint Consolidation Meeting

    Cooper Center Methodology for Enrollment Projections