• What is Forensics?

    Forensics is the art of speaking and lanuage. Long before it became synonymous with shoes like CSI, NCIS, and other crime investiagations, it was a word used to describe the analysis and presentation of speech.


    Fun Fact!

    The VHSL was established in 1913 by members of both the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society and the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union at the University of Virginia to serve as a debating league for the state's high schools.


    What do we do?

    We are able to compete in 10 events. We meet for regular practices around student schedules for individual, pairs, and groups. At the moment, we compete in VHSL and any invitationals open to us for practice and feedback as well.

    Oral Interpretation - 10 minute memorized published piece. This is good for non-political "actor" types or Drama students looking to increase their skills.

    Humorous Interpretation - Funny or feel-good material, which includes physical and situation humor. Material usually comes with a play that has four or five characters. The interpreter usually have to differentiate voice, attitude, stacnes, etc. 

    Dramatic Interpretation - Tragic or serious material, which usually comes from play or book with two or three characcters.

    Duo Interpretation - Interp with a partner! This has its own set of rules and fun!

    Storytelling - Your audience is kids, so you are looking for a fun, feel-good material with a LOT of physical humor. If you have got a lot of energy, this one is for you!

    Prose - Can be humorous or serious/ It cannot be a play, musical, or speech. Short stories are better for selections; multiples voices are a plus, but it should not be an acting piece. Students must maintain the appearance of reading a script. A script must be used.

    Poetry - may be either humorous or serious. It must, however, be poetry interpretation. This means no plays, musicals, short stories, essays, or speeches. A long poem is acceptable or a program of various short poems composed according to authorship or theme is also acceptable. Students must maintain the appearance of reading a script. A script must be used.

    Interpretive Events

    Original Oratory (OO) - A memorized speech that is, at most 10 minutes, long. Students write an argumentative speech on the topic of their choice!

    Extemporaneous Speaking (EX) - Select from one of three topics given at competition, usually current events. Compose a speech within a half hour, then present for up to seven minutes.

    Impromptu (IMP) - An impromptu speech based on one of three topics for a maximum of seven minutes.