Role of PES School Counselor

  • The school counselor offers the following counseling services:


    Large Group Counseling

    Once a month, the school counselor visits each classroom for a large group counseling lesson (classrom guidance). Some topics for classroom lessons may include conflict resolution, growth mindset, career exploration, problem solving, and/or character development.


    Small Group Counseling

    The school counselor facilitates several small group sessions throughout the year. Small groups take place once a week for 6-8 weeks, often during students' lunch blocks. Students are invited to participate in a small group if the counselor, teacher, parent/guardian, and/or student has expressed a need. Some topics for group sessions may include anger management, friendship, divorce/separation, and/or study skills. Please complete this form if you believe your child may benefit from small group counseling.


    Individual Counseling

     The counselor is available for one-on-one counseling with students to assist them in overcoming issues impeding success. These sessions are planned, goal-focused, and short-term.


    Consultation and Collaboration

    The school counseor works with parents, teachers, and other professionals inside and outside of the school building to assist in identifying and addressing barriers to student achievement.


    School-Wide Programs

     The school counselor provides academic and/or behavioral support as well as career or personal/social development to all students through planned programs, interventions, or activities (e.g. college & career week, PBIS initiatives, Red Ribbon Week, etc.)


    Crisis Response and Intervention

     The school counselor helps students navigate critical and/or emergency situations in the school, community, and/or students' personal lives.


    Community Resources and Referrals

    The school counselor can provide information and community resources as needed.