ALL IN is a movement inspired by the understanding that creating a safe and caring learning environment requires that we are All INvested, All INvolved, and All INterested in our school, our community and each other because we are All IN this together. 

    • We are All INvested in ourselves and each other by demonstrating Respect.
    • We are All INvolved in our school and community by practicing good Citizenship.
    • We are All INterested in maintaining a healthy and safe environment by acting Responsibly.
    • We are All IN this together so let’s all choose to be Kind.

    Each quarter we will highlight one of the four ALL IN character traits through quotes on the morning announcements, surprise ALL IN challenges, and opportunities to participate in group discussions and activities related to the quarter’s character trait.  In addition, teachers will issue Golden Tickets to students demonstrating the All IN trait of the quarter and everyone is encouraged to post a positive message to our ALL IN wall.   

    Quarter 1 ALL IN character trait is Respect.

    Quarter 2 ALL IN character trait is Citizenship

    Quarter 3 ALL IN character trait is Responsibly

    Quarter 4 ALL IN character trait is Kindness 

    Quarter Activities

    • Teachers will be provided with a short video focused on the character trait of the quarter and discussion questions to follow the video.
    • Students will watch the video and use the discussion questions to explore the topic.
    • Teachers will be provided with suggested “ALL IN” classroom activities that can be used at any time.

    Video Schedule

    • Introduction- Oct. 5th during 1st period
    • Citizenship-Nov. 12th during 2nd period
    • Responsibility-March 29th during 3rd period
    • Kindness- April 12th during 7th period


    More information and resources on bully prevention can be found on the PCPS website  If you have questions regarding the PMS program or would like to report an incident please contact the building administrators or your student’s school counselor. 

    Reports can also be made anonymously through the Poquoson Middle School Hotline: 757- 946-0170.