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  • PMS Mod Project Logo The PMS Modernization Project began in June 2018 and will be completed in 2023. The below project timeline includes important milestones and will be adjusted as needed. Throughout the modernization project, follow happenings on Twitter @PMSModProject, and watch the School Board's meetings for timely updates. Meeting agendas and streaming video is available here.

  • Issue A&E Contract: November 2018-January 2019

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    At the February 13, 2019, special meeting of the Poquoson City School Board, Waller, Todd & Sadler Architects was awarded the Architectural & Engineering contract for the Poquoson Middle School Modernization Project. The awarded amount is $1,293,371.

    PCPS received five responses to the Request for Proposals issued on September 18, 2018. Three firms were interviewed, and Waller, Todd & Sadler was determined to be the most fully qualified firm by the RFP Selection Committee.

    Determining educational specifications and design requirements are the next steps in the estimated $19.45 million project. Waller, Todd & Sadler will meet with the project steering committee and the project design committee and will coordinate with division staff to provide opportunities for community input.

    The project is set to be completed by January 2023. (Updated February 2020)

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  • Determine Educational Specifications & Design Requirements: January-February 2019

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    Poquoson Middle School Project Committee members worked with architects to provide suggestions for possible design work for the middle school renovation. Committee members represented all three grade levels, and included core and elective teachers, an ITRT, and a special education teacher:

    PMS Modernization Project Committee Members

    Music: Brett Higginbotham (Band Teacher); PE: Jennifer Bunting; Science: Allison Croll; Media Specialist: Chris Tyler; Core Teacher: Nicole Sneddon (Math 7th and 8th grade); Core Teacher: Deborah Blackstock (6th grade Social Studies); ITRT (Technology): Jennifer Cannella; Special Education: Heather Hopkins

    Additionally, during the input process, other faculty and staff members were interviewed to provide insights and feedback to the architects. These interviews included teachers from a variety of content areas, other staff members, students, and the athletic director (AD) from the high school. The AD is important to this process because some of the design work may support high school athletic competitions held on the PMS Field. 

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  • Community Input: Ongoing

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    In June 2019, the Poquoson community was invited to attend an Input Meeting to share thoughts about the plans to modernize Poquoson Middle School. Take a moment to watch this video about the event and see some of the input that was shared. Thank you to those who attended and gave input. 

    Additionally, a survey was conducted in June 2019 as another way for the Poquoson community to provide input for the project. Survey results can be seen on the Community Input page on this site. 


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  • Design Phase: March 2019-September 2020

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    The following are complete:

    • Topographic Survey
    • Geotechnical (Soil) Borings
    • Wetland Delineation (awaiting final approval)
    • Hazardous Materials Testing
    • Approved Building Program: September 30, 2019
    • 15% Concept Submittal: December 3, 2019
    • Value Engineering: January 23, 2020


    Additional Milestones:

    • 40% Design Submittal: April 23, 2020
    • 65% Design Completed and Submitted for Review: June 10, 2020
    • 95% Pre-Final Submittal: September 18, 2020


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