• The 3rd Quarter ended on March 13. Students have the opportunity to improve their grade if they wish by following the instructions provided and reading the email that was sent to students on their school Gmail account on Monday, March 30. If you are happy with your 3rd Quarter grade, then you need to take no additional action at this time. Information about 4th Quarter assignments will be coming to you soon. 


    Math 6 students can log into PowerTest and complete the "3rd Quarter Extra Assignment 2020"  for extra credit.  This is an OPTIONAL 20 question test grade that will cover previously learned concepts and focus on the IXL activities that were assigned in the last two weeks. 
    There is no access or submit code for the test, and the test can only strengthen your final grade.


    Quarter 4 will begin on April 15th with new content being available starting on April 13th.  We will be using Google Classroom from this point forward with all previously learned content and resources still available on OneNote.


    Miss you all, and I hope everyone is doing well!


    Again, feel free to email me with questions.  kaley.nicholson.@poquoson.k12.va.us



    Ms. Nicholson


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