• Welcome to PE with Coach Fry & Mrs. Richard


    Welcome to PE

    Our P.E. class will be taught in collaboration with Coach Sneddon's 7th period gen ed class with additional support from Mrs. Richard (one of our paraeducators).  As we participate in the daily activities we're are hoping to instill in our students the importance of physical fitness and maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

    Students are expected to dress out on a daily basis (unless previous arrangements have been made with Coach Fry).  Locks with keys will be provided for each of our students.  We will keep track of the keys at school so that there is no issue with misplaced keys.

    Grading for this class will be based on each students individual performance since WE all will be beginning at different levels.  All that we ask from our students is that they maintain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE throughout the school year!!--Coach Fry & Mrs. Richard