Books for Parents

  • We have a variety of books that are available for parents to "check-out"! They range from child rearing to your own wellness! Below is a list of the books we have available. If you are interested in reading one, please send me an email at Thanks! 


  • The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying

    by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Year Published: 1997

    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (a world-renowned psychiatrist) has brought comfort and understanding to millions coping with their own deaths or the deaths of loved ones. At age 71, this humanitarian and healer told the story of her extraordinary life. Offering lessons on how to die and live well, her story is an adventure of the heart -- powerful, controversial, inspirational -- a fitting legacy of a powerful life. Appropriate for anyone dealing with loss or grief on any level.

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  • Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

    by Kerry Patterson, et al. Year Published: 2002

    While this book is geared towards adult-to-adult conversations, the discussion is also invaluable within families and parent-to-child relationships. Crucial Conversations can help you discover how to communicate best when it matters most. It gives you tools to step up to life's more difficult and important conversations, say what's on your mind, and achieve more positive resolutions!

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  • Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World

    by Stephen Glenn & Jane Nelson Year Published: 1989

    This book goes beyond these issues to teach children to be responsible and self-reliant—not through outer-directed concerns, such as fear and intimidation, but through inner-directed behavior, such as feeling accountable for one's commitments. 

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  • The Grieving Child: A Parent's Guide

    by Helen Fitzgerald Year Published: 1992

    Explaining death to a child is one of the most difficult tasks a parent or other relative can face. The Grieving Child offers practical, compassionate advice for helping a child cope with the death of a loved one. Parents with children of all ages will find much-needed guidance and suggestions for dealing with a child's emotional responses.

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  • The Highly Sensitive Child

    by Elaine N. Aron Year Published: 2002

    Up to 20% of the population is born highly sensitive (HS), and Aron shifts her focus to HS children, who share the same characteristics as HS adults and thus face unique challenges as they grow up. With chapters addressing the needs of specific age groups, from newborns through teens, The Highly Sensitive Child delivers warmhearted information for parents and the sensitive children in their lives.

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  • Love and Logic: Magic for Early Childhood

    by Jim Fay & Charles Fay Year Published: 2000

    Parenting little ones can be exhausting... but Love and Logic is here to help! Take the exhaustion out and put the fun into parenting your little one. If you want help with: Potty training, Temper tantrums, Bedtime, Whining, Time-out, Hassle-free mornings, and many other everyday challenges, then this book is for you!

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  • Your Child's Strengths

    by Jennifer Fox Year Published: 2008

    Jenifer Fox argues against the flawed and maddening paradigm that "fixing"kids' weaknesses is the way to achieve success. Rather, Fox promotes focusing on kids' natural inclinations in three interdependent areas: Activity Strengths, Relationship Strengths, and Learning Strengths. Your Child's Strengths is a user-friendly and indispensable guide for parents and teachers alike!

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