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    One-Time Class Activation Code: PFCV8

    There is one sure-fire way for children to become better readers: 

    1. READ

    2. READ

    3. READ!!!

    I am big on ordering books from Scholastic. They always have great deals on books and are a huge part of the reason children develop a love for reading. If you join Scholastic Reading Club (it's FREE!) there are tons of benefits but here are 3 big ones:

    1. When you order from Scholastic, every book you buy earns points for our class which then tranlates into FREE books for our classroom library and book raffles I like to hold a few times a year!
    2. You are able to pick books that interest your child and/or are on their reading level
    3. The books are very affordable and it's tax-free ;) 

    Every month your child will come home with Scholastic Reading Club flyers in their blue folders. I sometimes give them time during class to look through the catalog and circle books that they may be interested in purchasing. I also allow them to submit requests for certain books to me so that if we do end up earning points for the class, I can order books that THEY want in our classroom library. 

    There are two ways you can order:

    1. Order online using our classroom's activation code which is listed above in red.
    2. Send back your order form with a check made out to Scholastic Book Club (they do not accept cash). 

    Your child's books will be sent to school and I will hand them out to students. If you'd like to purchase books as a gift for your child without them knowing, please let me know and I'll notify you when they've arrived so that you can come get them!

    Thank you!