Welcome to World Geography Honors at Poquoson High School
  •     This is a one-year survey course of world geography.  The focus of this course is the study of the world’s peoples, places, and environments, with an emphasis on world regions. The knowledge, skills, and perspectives of the course are centered on the world’s peoples and their cultural characteristics, landforms and climates, economic development, and migration and settlement patterns. Spatial concepts of geography will be used as a framework for studying interactions between humans and their environments. Using geographic resources, students will employ inquiry, research, and technology skills to ask and answer geographic questions. Particular emphasis will be placed on students understanding and applying geographic concepts and skills to their daily lives.


    Geographic skills provide the necessary tools and technologies for thinking geographically. They also help people make reasoned political decisions and aid in the development and presentation of effective, persuasive arguments for and against matters of public policy. All of these decisions involve the ability to acquire, arrange, and use geographic information. Maps, as well as graphs, sketches, diagrams, photographs, and satellite-produced images, are essential tools of geography.


           Graduate, an initiate where every graduate of Poquoson High School will experience in his/her K-12 career Content Knowledge, Workplace Skills, Career Exploration, Community Engagement, and Civic Responsibility. To reinforce this initiative, this course participates in Project Based Learning, where your student may work within a team on a sustained project that will include the “Five C’s” of Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship.