Returning Student Verification Steps

  • Returning Student Verification Steps 

    At the beginning of each school year parents and guardians are asked to update their registration information. This process is important to ensure that Poquoson City Public Schools has the most current contact information for your student. Parents and guardians will complete this process using an online form that has been pre-filled using the data from our student information system. You are encouraged to review this information and make any necessary changes or updates.

    Poquoson City Public Schools will be using the PowerSchool/Parent Portal student information system to complete the returning student registration verification process.  

    Please use the following steps to begin the registration verification process:

    1. Sign into Parent Portal
    2. Select the Returning Student Registration for each child attending Poquoson City Public Schools
    3. Once you have submitted your Returning Student Registration, you must contact the school to make any adjustments.


Returning Student Verification & Updates

  • Once your child has enrolled in PCPS and you have filled out the online registration form any changes to the student's information can be handled using the following options:

    To Update Information:

    • For Pre-Registered Students, who have not started attending school, please contact your child's school directly to request any changes to their information that was submitted during registration. This includes students who have been registered to attend school in the upcoming school year.
    • After the Returning Student Verification process has closed for the current school year, parents and guardians can change basic contact information, emergency contact information, electronic notification contact information, bus supervision information, and regular dismissal plan information by contacting the school.
    • If there is information that requires verification of the school, please call your child's school and make an appointment to bring that information in for verification/approval. Items that require verification are:
      • Student Name Change
      • Change of Address
      • Change in Custody (if applicable)
      • New Affidavit of Legal Residency (if applicable)