Worry/Stress-Relief Apps and Stories

  • Free Apps (iPhone/iPad)

    Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame - Learn as you help a Sesame Street monster friend calm down and solve everyday challenges (we have played this in class!)

    Smiling Mind - A meditation app for the whole family! Activites are short and targeted.

    GoNoodle - They have many good videos for stress relief and anxiety. Some suggestions: 'Melting', 'Bee Breath', and 'Tightrope'. (However, they are ALL fun, and that is a great way to relieve stress!!) Your kiddo can probably tell you their favorite!

  • The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast for Kids

    The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast is a show for children with new 15-20 minute episodes weekly. They cover a wide range of topics such as frustration, anger, and fear.

  • Managing Anxious Feelings with Mr. Forrest

    SecondStep provides much of the curriculum we use in Guidance classes, and they are now creating online lessons straight from the curriculum creators! This 12 minute lesson covers what anxious feelings are, and how to calm-down.

  • Mind-Yeti (on YouTube)

    MindYeti a library of guided mindfulness sessions that help kids (and adults!) calm their minds, focus their attention and connect to the world around them. This is also brought to you by the creators of our Guidance curriculum!

  • Slumberkins Presents: Alpaca

    Slumberkins creates many different characters to target specific socio-emotional skills in early learners. Many of their products require purchases, but they have a free resource library as well. Alpaca has been used in my lessons before and talks all about stress-relief. This link will take you to a book, some worksheets, and more!