• Social Studies-1st Quarter

    Welcome to Social Studies 2nd.  The next few weeks we will be working on Citizenship.  With the start of school, we will be reviewing rules for our cafeteria, playgrounds, hallways, library, buses, and classrooms.  In our classroom, your child will learn specific rules for independent centers that includes the computer and listening station, classroom library, selection of books for book baskets, bathroom procedures (since our classroom does not have a bathroom), snack procedures, whole group lesson rules for the carpet area, and small group time.  We will be getting to know one another through lots of fun activities and we want our classroom to be a place that is full of compliments and learning.  Mrs. Edwards's classroom is always AWESOME and feels like home.  I want my students to understand that we all make mistakes and that is a part of learning.  Good Citizenship will be rewarded with "Bucketfiller" badges that your child gets to wear at school for the day.  They can be earned on the bus, by the classroom teacher, or by any teacher at school.  We love "catching" children being great bucket fillers!  Bucket fillers know how to compliment friends, be kind and caring, show responsibility, be respectful and considerate, and are honest.  

     Our next unit of study this quarter will be Maps and Globes.  We will be locating the seven continents and five oceans, the equator, the Prime Meridian, and the four hemispheres, and the major rivers, mountain ranges, lakes, and other physical features in the  United States.  We will also be making and using other types of maps like maps of classrooms, playgrounds, schools, etc.  The students will do a variety of activities and songs to help them with learning how to locate important places and  features on a map.  An assessment will be given at the end of the unit.


    Units of Study for the following Quarters:

    2nd Quarter

    • Famous Americans (Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Geroge Washington Carver)
    • Review of American Symbols (Liberty Bell, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Bald Eagle, the White House, the American flag
    • Past and Present

    3rd Quarter

    • Economics (Natural, Capital, and Human Resources and the use of bartering and money in the exchange of goods and services)

    4th Quarter

    • American Indians (the Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, Lakota of the Plains, and Pueblo of the Southwest)
    • We will go on a field trip to Jamestown in May to explore exhibits of the Jamestown Colony and Eastern Woodland Indians.