• Writing 2nd- 1st Quarter

    Welcome to Writing 2nd.  For the next few weeks, we are going to be exploring all the tools in our classroom we can use for writing. This will include a writing folder, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners, special pens for editing, and resources to aide in the understanding of writing skills we are working on.  Your child's writing folder will have one pocket for finished work, one pocket for unfinished work and plastic sleeves that hold samples of writings and/or resources to use for writing.  Your child will also receive a dictionary to help with correct spelling and places to add frequent words he/she may use that are not in the dictionary.  We will learn easy ways to make illustrations to go with our writings and will work on sentence structure these first few weeks.  Sentence structure will include beginning with a capital letter, using lower case letters in all other words unless a proper noun, spaces between words, does your sentence make sense?, forming letters neatly, and ending with punctuation.  I will have center games during reading that will also have practice for sentence making, letter formation, and other writing skills.  We are going to practice easy ways to draw illustrations to go with our writings like how to draw people showing different emotions.  With emojis being so popular, they should like this!  

    By the end of the quarter, we will be working on writing good complete sentences.  A good sentence must tell a complete thought, begin with a capital letter, end with punctuation, and neatness and correct letter formation is important.  Your child will create a list of things he/she would like to write about that are personal experiences.  We will practice writing as a class at first about things we have experienced together at school.  Our writings must begin with a good introductory sentence that tells what is our topic.  Then, it is followed by 3-4 supporting sentences and ends with a closing sentence.  All work needs to be edited.  We will self edit, work with a partner, and share our writings with our classmates.  We will learn from our mistakes and our writing skills will grow!  Writing about things we experience are called Personal Narratives.


    Writing Curriculum for .................

    2nd Quarter- Informational Research Writing

    3rd Quarter- How-To Writings

    4th Quarter- Persuasive and Opinion Writing in Letters