• Weekly Homework Update


    The homework page is updated in detail every week. Please check back often to ensure you have written your assignments in your planner correctly. Also, if you leave early or are absent, this page should be a good resource to you.

    Week of May 1-5th 

    *Please note that students complete grammar practice in class multiple times throughout the week. Therefore I don't send extra practice home for homework. Also, all of our word study is practiced during workstations. If your child wants to work more on this at home, they are always welcome to take their word study notebook home and bring it back to class each day.

    Monday: 5/1

    Reading- STUDY SOL Reading Review Pages 2, 3, and 4 


    Other-No Word Study This Week

    Tuesday: 5/2

    Reading- STUDY SOL Reading Review Pages 5, 6, and 7 and complete review questions # 1

     Math-6.3 and study notes for Topic 6 Test Wednesday

    Wednesday: 5/3

    Reading: STUDY SOL Reading Review Pages 8, 9, and 10

    Math: Topic 6 Test in class/short fractions practice page

    Thursday: 5/4

    Reading: STUDY SOL Reading Review Pages 2-10 and complete review questions # 2

    Math: 17.1/17.2 (back to back)

    Other-Prepare your snacks/lunch for tomorrow's field trip

    Friday: 5/5 Richmond Field Trip Today

    Reading: Read book of choice over the weekend

    Math: Freedom! No homework tonight.

    Friday Assessments:

    Homework Downloads:

    Reading Quarter 1 Homework

    Bookmark Reading Project-Quarter 1

    Bookmark Reading Project Rubric