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    Math Homework and Review Videos are posted on the assignment page.

    The EnVision Math program addresses the Virginia Standards of Learning and is comprised of the following elements:

    Problem Solving
    EnVision Math emphasizes the application of mathematics to real world situations through the use of open response questions and number stories. Numbers, skills and mathematical concepts are not presented in isolation, but are linked to situations and contexts that are relevant to everyday lives.

    Balanced Instruction
    Each EnVision Math lesson includes time for whole-group direct instruction as well as small group, partner, or individual activities. These activities balance teacher-directed instruction with opportunities for open-ended, hands-on explorations, long-term projects and on-going practice.

    Multiple Methods for Basic Skills Practice
    EnVision Math provides numerous methods for basic skills practice and review. These include written and choral fact drills, mental math routines, practice with math vocabulary development, daily sets of review problems, and a wide variety of math games. Students will also have the opportunity to complete math menus and enrichment activities to extend their learning.

    Emphasis on Communication
    Throughout the EnVision Math curriculum students are encouraged to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking in their own words. Opportunities to verbalize their thoughts and strategies give children the chance to clarify their thinking and gain insights from others.

    Enhanced Home/School Partnerships
    Homework practice pages provide opportunities for family members to participate in their students’ mathematical learning. Periodic family letters help keep parents informed about their children's experience. Please note that the math homework can’t be posted on our website due to copyright laws. If you need an extra copy, please ask me the next school day.

To print an extra copy of the math homework, follow the instructions on this page. You must be logged in as a student, not a parent. Your ID is in your planner.

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