• 6th Grade Technology Education Class

    Mrs. Sally Lovell


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    Introduction to Technology 8481


    Course Objectives: Technology Education 6 (8481) introduces students to the following: transportation, gears, motors, basic electricity, basic woodworking, and mechanical drawing.

    Students study the resources of all technology, including tools, energy, materials, people, time, information, and capital. This also includes the problem-solving process and various hands-on activities. They explore up to three systems of technology, including medical, agricultural and related biotechnologies, energy and power, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, and construction. Students relate the impact of technology on society, environment, and culture to future consequences and decisions.

    Materials Needed

    All students need to have a pocket folder portfolio and a notebook for a daily journal (a weekly class participation grade), to keep in the Shop lockers. 

    They will need a pencil and pen, and must come prepared for class each day.

    We do not have a textbook, most of the information they get will be from lectures, notes and handouts.

    Every student taking Tech Ed will be required to pay a $15.00 users fee.  This fee will pay for safety glasses and the projects.  The fee is usually paid at the beginning of the school year.


    Introduction to Technology Student Association (TSA)

    Energy and Power/Electricity and Electronics

    Students will be introduced to technologies for renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.  They will learn how technological inventions have been important to society by exploring solar and wind power. They will learn basic electricity and electronics terms and work with the Electronic Snap Kits to build simple circuits. We will be building a lamp from a recycled quart size glass jar.

    Beginning Woodworking and Mechanical Drawing

    Students will learn how to measure a project, make a detailed drawing, and produce a finished woodworking project. 

    Careers and Work Place Readiness Skills

    Students will be introduced to what they will need to prepare them for the work place with a career search on the computer.

    Grading Scale

    Class Participation           10%                                Computer Work    10%

    Drawings                        20%                                Homework            10%

    Projects                          40%                                Quizzes                 10%