• Notebook Order


    Items with a star are worksheets.  Descriptions for the item are in parenthesis.

    All pages need to be complete and corrected in order to get credit for them.


      Chapter 4 Notebook Part 1

    *Civics--Ms. Alexander

    *Amendment Project Score Sheet

    *Chapter 3 Assessment (4 pages)

    *Scantron Sheet-Civics Test Ch 3

      Vocabulary for Chapter 4 (34 words) 

    *Branches of Government

    *Down by the Old Bill Stream

    *The Legislative Branch pp.70-71

    *Chapter 9 Section 4 Section Review (old text)

    *Who's Who on Capitol Hill pp.72-73

    *Chapter 4 Quiz 1

    *The Executive Branch pp.74-75

      Executive Departments Flip Chart

    *Chapter 11 Section 1 Section Review (old text)


    Chapter 4 Notebook Part 2

    *Civics--Ms. Alexander

    *A President's Power pp.78-79

    *So Much to Do pp.80-81

    *Chapter 4 Section 2 Quiz

    *The United States Court System

    *The Judicial Branch pp.82-83

    *Checks and Balances pp.84-85

    *Necessary and Proper pp.86-87

    *Chapter 4 Section 3 Quiz

      Chapter 4 Review (22 facts)

    *Chapter 4 Study Guide

      Chapter 4 Review pp.88-89 (#1-12, Apply Your Learning #1-2, Imagine...)