• The 3rd Quarter ended on March 13. Students have the opportunity to improve their grade if they wish by following the instructions provided and reading the email that was sent to students on their school Gmail account on Monday, March 30. If you are happy with your 3rd Quarter grade, then you need to take no additional action at this time. Information about 4th Quarter assignments will be coming to you soon.

    -I have exempted all assignments from students that were missing from 3rd quarter - with that being said an exemption does not count against you and does not hurt you - rather makes each of the other assignments count more towards your final quarter grade - it may be in your best interest to complete these assignments

    These are the assignments that you can complete to help your grade this quarter

    -Complete any assignment that is from Quarter 3 with a 1 (all 1s are exempt per school policy but you can do these to improve your grade -if they hurt your grade I will not count it)

    -Assignments from March 16-27 will be counted as extra credit

    Remember this is a first for all of us - let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!


    US & VA Govt

    Welcome to US & VA Government, a study of the structure, function, and organization of the three levels of government.  Emphasis is on the role of the individual in the democratic process and the impact of politics on his/her daily life.  Key documents are studied to understand America’s political roots and democratic principles that shape contemporary issues.