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  • US & VA Government

    Welcome to US & VA Government!

    At the end of this course, every student should—

    --understand America’s political system by studying the structure, function, and organization of the three levels of government;

    --identify the role of the individual in the democratic process and the impact of politics on his/her daily life;

    --analyze Key historical documents to understand America’s political roots and democratic principles that shape current events

    --successfully complete the end-of-year US/VA Government Exam

    How We Reach the Goal:

    1st Quarter: Political Ideology, Public Opinion & Media, Interest Groups, Political Parties, Elections

    2nd Quarter: Origins of US Government, Constitution, Federalism, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch

    3rd Quarter: Bill of Rights, Legal System, Virginia and Local Government, Comparing Governments/Economic Systems

    4th Quarter: Economic Policy, Foreign Policy