• Build NFL Strength In 6 Weeks With 2 Exercises A Day

    Monday: Barbell bench press/swiss ball hamstring curl
    Tuesday: Front squat/dumbbell bent over row (dumbbell)
    Thursday: Pullup/bulgarian split squat (barbell)
    Friday: Romanian deadlift (dumbbell)/military press (barbell)

    How To Use This Workout:

    1. start with four sets of three reps for the first exercise in each workout, and rest 45 seconds between sets. Use a weight that's half as heavy as you can lift once. Lower the weight in 1 second, pause momentarily, and lift the weight with as much speed as you can generate.

    2. Do three sets of 8 reps of the first exercise, using as much weight as you can handle with perfect technique. Again, lift the weight quickly. Rest for 2 minutes between sets.

    3. Perform the first exercise one more, using the weight form your first set and a technique called isometric holds. You'll pause for 30 seconds at the top, middle, and bottom of the move. That's one set. Do three sets, resting for 1 minute between sets.

    4. Move to the second exercise in the pair. Perform one set of 8 reps, again using weights that fully challenge your muscles. Rest for 30 seconds, and do another set of as many reps as you can.