• Section 1- Bylaws

    Table of Contents

    Article I General

    1-1.1 Authority and Title

    1-1.2 Corportate Seal

    1-1.3 Powers and Duties

    1-1.4 Legal Counsel

    Article II School Board Members

    1-2.1 Composition of the Poquoson City School Board

    1-2.2 Qualifications of School Board Members

    1-2.3 Appointment of, Oath By, and Term For School Board Members

    1-2.4 Orientation/In-Service Programs

    1-2.5 Compensation and Expenses

    1-2.6 Removal from Office

    1-2.7 Student Representative to the School Board

    Article III Meetings

    1-3.1 School Board Organizational Meeting

    1-3.2 School Board Officers

    1-3.3 School Board Clerk

    Article IV School Board Members Duties & Responsibilities

    1-4.1 School Board Members Conflict of Interest

    1-4.2 School Violations

    Article V Methods of Operation

    1-5.1 Committees

    1-5.2 Board-Staff Communications

    1-5.3 Bylaws Adoption, Amendment and Suspension

    1-5.4 Board Policy Manual

    1-5.5 Annual Report

    1-5.6 Joint Schools

    Article VI Meetings

    1-6.1 Regular School Board Meetings

    1-6.2 Agenda Preparation and Dismissal

    1-6.3 Quorum/ Call to Order

    1-6.4 Rules of Order

    1-6.5 Board Minutes and Recording Votes

    1-6.6 Voting Method

    1-6.7 Special School Board Meetings

    1-6.8 Citizen Particiapation