• Science 2nd


    First Quarter
    Welcome to Science 2nd.  For the month of September we will be doing Science Investigations with apples.  We will be making a lap book on all our investigations on apples and will be recording our observations and discoveries!  Study guides for our Science SOL Assessments will come home 1-2 weeks before the assessments are given. A formal assessment will not be given for Science Investigations.  Apple lapbooks are a class project that will be used as part of our grade for Science this quarter.  We will kick off our unit on Habitats this quarter with a field trip to the Virginia Living Museum.  Be looking for permission slips for this field trip in October.

    2nd Quarter

    This quarter we will begin with an in-depth study of habitats.  Students will learn about 4 different habitats (desert, rainforest, forest, and rivers/streams) and the plants and animals that live in those habitats.  They will also learn habitats go through changes and how animals have adaptations that aide in their survival.  This area of study follows our Maps and Globes units in Social Studies which gives the students a better awareness of the location of different habitats around our world.  

    We will also explore Matter (solids, liquids, and gases) this quarter which is a nice lead in to our unit on weather which follows.  This quarter is usually a super time for learning about hurricanes, hail storms, tornadoes, rain storms, and blizzards which have been a part of experience over the past few years here in Poquoson.  Our weather unit will carry over into next quarter with also an in-school program with a local meteorologist.

    3rd Quarter

     This quarter we investigate and understand that different types of foces may cause and object's motion to change.  This may include how force can come from a direct object to make it move, gravity and magnetism from a distance, and we will learn how these forces have applications in our lives.  

    We will also investigate and understand that plants and animals undergo a series of orderly changes as they grow and develop.  We will complete a unit on the life cycle of a plant and will begin a unit on the life cycle of a frog.  The continuation of animal life cycles will be in the 4th quarter.

    4th Quarter

     This quarter we will continue with the life cycles of animals with the life cycle of a butterfly and of the white tailed deer.  We will have a hands-on experience with watching the stages of painted lady butterflies from caterpillar to butterfly using our classroom butterfly houses.  This is such a fun unit as we daily watch the 5-6 caterpillars form their chrysalis and hatch into butterflies before our eyes.  On release day, the students will watch their butterflies fly out of the butterfly house on to the school playground.  They usually name all their butterflies!