• Welcome Back!

    I am excited to be starting the 4th Quarter with you! Our class may look a little different than what we are used to, but we will navigate our way through this change together. Here is some information you may find helpful.

    When we have live instructional sessions or small group meetings, they will be on Mondays, 1:45-2:15 PM for 3rd hour (Eng 11 Honors) and 2:30-3:00 PM for 4th hour (Eng 11).

    It is going to be very important that you check your PCPS GMail account and our Google Classroom at least once a day as these will be the primary ways that I will communicate with you during the 4th quarter.

    In most cases, instructions and materials will be posted on Sunday evening for the entire week, and all work will be due by midnight Friday night. This will allow you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace. For example, if you get into a “flow,” and prefer to do all your work for one class at one time and do only one or two classes per day, this will allow you to do that. At the same time, I will divide up my lesson plans by day so that if you decide to have a set schedule each day where you devote a specific amount of time to each class, you will have some guidance on how to do that as well. With that being said, there may sometimes be exceptions to that (such as this first week), so please always read directions carefully.

    If you are not sure how to join or use Google Classroom or just need a quick refresher, please take a moment to watch this short video. How to Sign-in to Google Classroom and Access Materials

    I will have office hours all quarter where I will be available to help you or answer any questions you may have. These office hours will be every Monday-Friday (except Memorial Day) 9:00-11:00 AM. At that time, I will be at my computer continuously, ready to respond to emails or Reminds or open a video conference if requested.

    Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions!


    4th Quarter Grading Policy

    Information about 4th quarter grading can be found HERE

    Eng 11 Honors (3rd Hour) Codes:

    • Remind: @phseng11h
    • Classroom: maz4cbt


    Eng 11 (4th Hour) Codes:

    • Remind: @hkdeh27
    • Classroom: nnwlmc6


    Welcome to the English 11 website! This page is linked to the Google Classroom site, where you will find information about homework assignments, ongoing projects, or major assessments such as tests. You can also join the class Remind for updates.