• Math 2nd


    First Quarter

    Welcome to Math 2nd.  We will exploring the first two weeks of school with math manipulatives and taking a 2nd grade online Math assessment called Power Test.  This assessment will give us a base line of what skills your child has attained in Math and what skills need further experiences.  We will start the quarter with Place Value as our first Math unit skill and will be reviewing the tens and ones places in numbers before moving on to the hundreds place. Next, we will move on odd and even numbers, skip counting (by 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's, etc) and  growing and repeating patterns. Math assessments will be given at the end of each unit of study with paper/pencil this first quarter. Students will be introduced to appropriate tools for taking math assessments on the computer and how to show their work on paper. We will do many computer practice tests, but no formal assessments.  Please check your child's planner for math homework that will come home several times a week for additional practice or review of a skill.  Math homework assignments are recorded as a homework grade not a Math grade for the quarter.  


    2nd Quarter

    During the second quarter, students will take their math tests on paper but will transfer their answers to the computer test.  The goal is to be taking all math tests solely on the computer during the 3rd quarter. 

    Below are the math skills for this quarter.

    • Rounding to the nearest 10 (to 100)
    • Fact Fluency (related facts, addition and subtraction strategies within 20, double and near double facts)
    • Equality (equal, not equal)
    • Graphing and Probability


    3rd Quarter

    Math assessments the 3rd quarter will be taken solely on the computer and proof of work must be shown on scrap paper.  Test results will be sent home with an explanation on what skill areas need practice.  Please stay informed with math skills and strategies we are using by looking at over all math activities that are completed at school and sent home in the take home section in your child's binder.  I write notes on all papers showing areas that need extra practice at home.  We also work on areas your child is having difficultly and school.   During this quarter, we will retake the Power Test given during the first quarter to see your child's growth with 2nd grade math skills. 

     Below are the skills we are covering this quarter.

    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Geometry (Solid and plane figures, vertices)
    • Fractions (name and write fractions-halves, fourths, eighths, thirds, and sixths;comparing fractions)

    4th Quarter

    This quarter all math assessments will be taken solely on the computer with proof of work on scrap paper.  Test results will continue to  be sent home and class assignments with notes from the teacher.  An end of the year Power Test will be given to assess your child's overall attainment of 2nd grade math skills.  A 70% score on this assessment is the benchmark.  The Power Test and the online unit math tests are great preparation for your child for the SOL Math assessment which will be given online in 3rd grade.  It exposes them to the rigor of test taking, showing proof of their work, and helps them with use of tools that they need to access for online math testing.

    Below are the skills we are covering this quarter before the last Power Test.

    • Telling Time to the nearest 5 minutes using digital and analog clocks
    • Determining past and future days of the week
    • Identifying specific days on a given calendar
    • Money (adding a collection of pennies, dimes, nickels & quarters to $2.00, using money symbols)
    • Measurenment (length to nearest inch, weight to nearest pould, temperature to nearest 10 degrees in fahrenheit)