Mrs. Darcey Chiappazzi

Phone: 868-6921 Ext. 2727


Degrees and Certifications:

Christopher Newport University - NK-12 Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education

Mrs. Darcey Chiappazzi


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  I am happy to have your child in my P.E. class.  


Hello -- Hope you are all healthy and safe!  I miss seeing each of you daily.  Below are some P.E. activities that you can do inside or outside.

Please see your classroom teachers website for more information.


Activities that you may do on yur own at home:

March 18: Warm up exersices that we do each P.E. class

March 19: Go for a 30 minute walk

March 20: Warm up exersices that we do each P.E. class

March 23: 30 minutes of chores around the house

March 24: Practice pacer - run from 1 side of yur yard to the other and then back (3rd gd do 15 laps, 4th gd do 20 laps, and 5th gd do 25 laps)

March 24: Practice curl ups - (3rd gd do 20, 4th gd do 25, 5th gd do 30)

March 25: Practice push ups - (3rd gd do 10, 4th gd do 12, 5th gd do 15)

March 27:  Activity of your choice 


April 4- April 12  Enjoy your Spring Break! Be safe!


April 15 - April 22

For some inside fun exercise activity- view the links below!


For some outside fun exercises- view below!

Go for a 30 minute bike ride

Walk a trail in Poquoson

Do a family relay - use a variety of locomotor skills

     - running

     - skipping

     - galloping

     - crab walk

     - power walk

     - jog backwards

     - bear crawl

     - side step

Do 30 minutes of yard work with your parents

Wash your parents car

Practice run the pacer in your yard (run from one side to the otherand back - that is 1 lap)

      - 3rd gd - 15 laps

      - 4th  gd - 20 laps

      - 5th gd - 25 laps