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Equipped with anything you might need, Poquoson prides itself on being "ahead of the game." PCPS students have been one-to-one with additional computer labs available for any necessary desktop software.

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors, document cameras, conference cameras, and computers provided for staff. With local grants being awarded every year, our staff can adjust to fit their changing instructional needs.

The Poquoson City Public Schools Technology Department supports both Instructional Technology and Information Technology.  Instructional technology staff members strive to provide teachers and students the support necessary to successfully infuse instructional  technology into the classroom setting.  Instructional technology is utilized to enhance student learning in order to increase student learning, interest, and achievement. 

Information technology staff members work to ensure efficient and dependable operations to the entire school division.  Information technology staff members provide services in the following areas:  coordination of technology services, network administration, systems administration, and technical assistance. 

Division Technology Plan

PCPS Educational Technology Plan 2018-2020

PCPS Educational Technology Plan Addendum 2020-2022

Technology Staff Members & Support