• The 4th Quarter begins on April 15. Here are some things you should know. We will be going over items in detail in Google Hangouts on Thursday: 

    1. READING ALL the details posted in the assignments is crucial.  If you do not do the assignments as instructed, you will lose credit.  Most are written in English, so that should not be a problem. If you don’t understand, contact me much before the due date.

    2. You will be given assignments on Mondays (with the exception of the first week) and all items will be due on the dates assigned. If they are not turned in by those dates, you will be graded accordingly. (See below for specifics.)

    3. All assignments must be turned in via Google Classroom. Due to the high volume of emails that I receive, turning in via google classroom will allow your grades to be posted most efficiently. 

    4. Due dates are FIRM. I will give you plenty of time to get things completed. If you have a circumstance (project in another class, etc.) please contact me. Tardiness SHOULD NOT HAPPEN daily/weekly. After 3 times, I will need to talk with parent/guardian. I understand this is new and I promise that I will work with you. You know this. Just do your best! We will get through this together. 

    5. If you are “absent” a parent/guardian MUST contact the school 868-7123 to document this OR items will be graded as follows: Test/project graded items will receive 10 points off per day, HW/CW, quiz and participation grades will receive 0’s. With an excused absence, you will be given extra time to make up the items.

    6. The National Spanish Exam (NSE) will occur on 27 and 28. Only students who signed up to take the exam will need to take it. ALL STUDENTS will do the preparation as it does follow the curriculum for Spanish III. Items that are in the exam, students need to master in order to pass this class. We will take this exam in Google Hangouts. If you cannot be there during the assigned times, please contact me for an alternate time.

    7. The NSE will count as a test/project extra credit grade. Students who did NOT sign up to take it will be given the opportunity to do a comparable assignment to receive that extra credit. 

    8. If you complete ALL assignments during a week, you will receive an extra credit grade for that week.  I will give you specifics in our meeting!

    9. Again, the BEST WAY TO REACH ME is Remind! If you are not in the remind group, post in Google Classroom and I will give you the code.

    10. We will have live meetings on Tuesdays in Google Hangout at 1:30pm.  Office hours 10-11 am and 1-2 pm Monday through Friday.


    If you are struggling about anything, please communicate with me! If I don’t know that you are struggling, I will imagine, that all is well. So please, communicate. You know from past experience that I will work with you, if you need anything that I can help with, please please don’t be shy!  


    I miss you all! 



    Go to Google classroom for more information: 

    Link to Google classroom: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-xFVKa7-tXLflFfSWlJOWZVY2xrVzQwbV9EaDVMWXlhYWhPbTNxXzd6YnI1dUxoWWlJSkk?usp=sharing


    ¡Los extraño mucho! I know in class I always say "You missed me!" after you are absent. In truth, I miss all of you when you are absent! As I do now. This year has turned out stranger than any of us could have expected. I know we will be okay. If you need to talk, or just say hi, I would love to hear from each of you! Onward! We have work to do! Espero que se hayan relajado las dos semanas pasadas. Ahora, tenemos más aprendizaje. 

    All students are currently enrolled in Google Classroom and use it weekly in Spanish III. I will be available to support you with questions via email and remind. My office hours are 9:30-11:30 Monday through Friday. My email address: Linda.Lynch@poquoson.k12.va.us  For fastest replies please message me via remind. Email me for the remind code if you are not currently in Remind.

Mrs. Linda Lynch

Phone: 757-868-7123 ext. 4715


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Linda Lynch

Bienvenidos a la Clase de español. Although this site has some items in English, in class we will commuincate 90% of the time in Spanish. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me linda.lynch@poquoson.k12.va.us.

All assignments and notes are listed, in detail, in Google Classroom.  Students use this several times per week and are all enrolled by the end of the first week of classes.

Parents have been invited via email. For security reasons, join codes are not listed here. Only students may "join" the class. Parents may see but not participate. If you have a new email address or if you did not receive your invitation, please contact me. Via email: linda.lynch@poquoson.k12.va.us. Via phone: 868-4715

Where can I find?

Notes: google classroom "classwork"

Projects: Listed in "stream" turn in under "classwork"

Homework: Listed daily in "stream" also send via remind and shown in class.

Tests and projects are listed in gradebook at least one week in advance.

Link to Google Classroom

Link to Assignments and Notes in GC