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Mrs. Valerie LeBlanc


During the two-week mandated closure, students can access instructional content for my class

I will be available to support you with questions via email during my office hours 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. The best way to keep in touch with me during the next couple of days is through email at

Remind Codes:

1. Business Law @9h3ff8

2. Sports/Entertainment Marketing @6af2c9

4. Sports/Entertainment Management @7d8b74

6. Digital/Social Media Marketing @7d8f4e

7. Intro to Marketing @74g4h2

LeBlanc Online Lesson Plan for Wednesday, 3/18 - Friday, 3/27

Google Classroom

All assignments/documents will be posted in google classroom.  A copy has already been made for each student. They are to complete the hyper doc using the blue hyperlinks. The hyperlinks lead the students to articles, youtube videos, and images that provide further understanding of concepts that we’ve discussed during our courses. The responses should demonstrate their understanding and written in full sentences. Once they have been completed, the assignment is to be submitted in Google Classroom to be considered turned in. You will need a computer and access to the internet.

Business Law


  • Wednesday, 3/18 - Friday, 3/20 RESEARCH: Crowdfunding Webquest


      1. Wednesday, 3.18 // Part I: Research
      2. Thursday, 3.19 // 1 Part II: Avoiding Scams
      3. Friday, 3.20 // Part III: Your take on Crowdfunding 


  • Monday, 3/23 - Tuesday, 3/24 RESEARCH: Great Innovators & Innovations 


      1. Monday, 3.23 // Part I: Great Innovators
      2. Tuesday, 3.24 // Part II: Great Innovations


  • Wednesday, 3/25 - Friday, 3/27: DEBATE Can I Be An Entrepreneur If I Don’t Own My Own Business?


    1. Wednesday, 3.25 // Part I: Become Familiar With The Arguments
    2. Thursday, 3.26 // Part II: Choose a Side & Find Additional Resources
    3. Friday, 3.27 // Part III:  Formulate Points & Counterpoints

Sports Entertainment Marketing, Sports Entertainment Management, Digital Social Media Marketing, Introduction to Marketing


  • Wednesday, 3/18 - Monday, 3/23 Analyze: The Influence of Advertisements


      1. Wednesday, 3.18 // Part I: The 6 Ways of Influence
      2. Thursday, 3.19 // 1 Part II: Exhibit #1 & #2
      3. Friday, 3.20 // Part II: Exhibit #3 & #4
      4. Monday, 3.23 // Part II: Exhibit #5 & #6


  • Tuesday, 3/24 - Wednesday, 3/25 ANALYZE: Advertising Campaigns (#1)


      1. Tuesday, 3.24 // Part I: Types of Advertisements & Part II: Advertisements
      2. Wednesday, 3.25 // Part III: Discuss & Part IV: Advertising your Business


  • Thursday, 3/26 - Friday, 3/27 ANALYZE: The Influence of Social Media


    1. Thursday 3.26 // Part I: Categorize the Tactics & Part II: Research Examples
    2. Friday, 3.27 // Part III: Reflection


Welcome to Marketing Education!

Links are provided to our Google Classroom. Students will be able to access their classroom from home, turn in assignments, and have detailed instructions regarding assignments. We are a project based classroom where students work collaboratively and independentaly to apply marketing concepts. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

My goal is to work with students so that they can have a successful year within the classroom and develop working skills to be successful outside of the classroom.

Classroom Overtime (Office Hours)

Thursdays after school until 3:00 PM as needed

Tuesdays and Wednesdays during B-Lunch as needed


Business and Law (Period 1)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Period 2)

Planning (Period 3)

Advanced Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Period 4)

Planning (Period 5)

Digital and Social Media Marketing (Period 6)

Introduction to Marketing (Period 7)

Extra-Curricular Activities:

DECA- Students must be enrolled in a Marketing course to join our DECA organization.