Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


Important Coronavirus Links

  • Today, Governor Ralph Northam mandated that all public schools in Virginia remain closed for the remainder of the school year. I encourage you to read the governor’s statement about why he made this decision on his website:

    At this time, we plan to continue to provide meals to all children in Poquoson ages 0-18 and 21 and younger for students with special needs. The delivery schedule is available on our website.

    This week, the Virginia Department of Education will provide guidance to schools regarding graduation, and we will provide details to our senior families as soon as possible. The division staff will begin to plan for the continuity of education during the extended closure. Additional information will be provided to families and posted on the division’s “Coronavirus Information Instructional Resources” webpage during the week of March 30. We will also answer other important questions that you may have on our Coronavirus FAQ webpage.

    Please know that all of us in Poquoson schools will continue to do our best to support our students and families no matter how challenging the situation. Right now what is most important is for you to ensure your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

    Jennifer B. Parish, Ed.D., Superintendent