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Mrs. Debbie Steigerwald

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Degrees and Certifications:

Christopher Newport University: Bachelor's Language Arts Old Dominion University: Masters in Education William & Mary: Gifted Program

Mrs. Debbie Steigerwald

   Welcome to Mrs. Steigerwald's 

3rd/4th Grade TAG classroom site!


The 3rd Quarter ended on March 13. Students have the opportunity to improve their grade, if they wish, by following the instructions provided and reading the email I sent to parents on March 30. If you are happy with your 3rd Quarter grade, then no further action is required at this time. Information about 4th Quarter assignments will be coming to you soon.

Each student was provided a math and reading/writing packet on Friday, March 13. If your child wishes to improve his/her reading, writing, or math grade, the following assignments must be submitted by Wednesday, April 8, 2020.  I understand that some students may have been given a homeroom packet in addition to the TAG packet that was assembled. Please submit the TAG items listed below IF YOU WISH to help improve your grade.  Again, if you are happy with your existing grade, NO Further action is required.  

Directions to Improve 3rd Quarter Grades for 3rd TAG:

Reading: Main Idea Iceland Passage (classwork grade), Next page on Main Idea/details beginning with platypus paragraph/ front & back (classwork grade) 

Functional text- Friday April 4th Spring Play AND Zoo field trip  (assessment grade)

Optional 3rd Quarter Reading Project now due April 8th if you wish to improve your grade (assessment/project grade)  Otherwise, IF you completed a reading project, it may be turned in for the 4th Quarter instead. 

Writing: Daily Reading Review #57 (classwork grade), Daily Reading Review #58 (classwork grade), 1-2 paragraph story about what is happening in the zebra with glasses picture (classwork grade)

Math: Math Day 1 Sheet-front and back (classwork grade), Math Day 2 Sheet-front and back (classwork grade), Math Day 3 Sheet-front and back (classwork grade)

Directions to Submit Assignments to Improve 3rd Quarter Grades

The options for turning in of assignments that a student wishes to have count toward their 3rd Quarter grade:

o Save any documents that can be saved on the computer and email them to the teacher or submit them via Google Classroom

o Type answers to worksheets and other work onto a WORD document and email to me, the TAG teacher (make sure the title of the assignment is clearly identified and the student’s name is on each page submitted)

o Hand write answers to assignments on notebooks paper/hard copy provided and use one of the outlined options to get it to the teacher (make sure the student’s name is on each page submitted)

▪ Scan and email the documents to the TAG teacher from their home if they have that ability

▪ Take a picture of the assignment with your phone and email it to the TAG eacher (make sure it is clear and the teacher can read your answers)

▪ If the work cannot be saved on the computer and emailed to the TAG teacher

- Drop off assignments into the secure box at the front of the school by Wednesday, April 8, 2020 (make sure the student’s name/teacher’s name/grade level is on every piece of paper).

Parents, THANK YOU for your continuing patience in advance, as we continue to navigate through this unconventional time.  Please do not hesitate to email or reach out through Remind and I will do my best to give you peace of mind with finding the answer(s) you need.  Stay safe and I will continue to stay in touch.  

Warmest Regards, Debbie Stegierwald.