Mrs. Avery

Mrs. Martinee Avery

Phone: 868-6921 Ext. 2722


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts Elementary Education Bachelor of Science Government Administration

Mrs. Martinee Avery


Avery's Updates after Winter Break!

Reading: We are currently working on Drawing Conclusions and Inferring.

We will have a reading test at the end of each unit and we have classwork assessments when appropriate.

Math: We are working on Patterns and Probability. This is a short unit so we will be testing by the end of next week. 

Writing: We are working on writing an expository essay.  As always we are focusing on writing complete sentences with a subject and a predicate. 

Word Study: Students are working on their leveled sorts. We sort everyday and work on different activiites with our words. We will assess this Friday. Our sorts usually span 1.5 to 2 weeks on the same sort.


Science: We are working on learning about the Water Cycle- We will be having an OPEN NOTE test- so I'm sending home a study guide but please note they will have their notes in their notebook to use for the test. 

Homework: Math Homework will be nightly unless we test that day.

Reading HW is given Monday to be turned in Friday. Please have students prove their answers with Paragraph/Sentence.