• Battle of the Books


    Battle of the Books is designed to promote reading, critical thinking, and school spirit!  Poquoson Middle School and Poquoson Public Library will be sponsoring the Battle of the Books program for PMS students again this year.  Students read a specific set of books and learn factual information about those books.  Then they compete with other students to answer quiz bowl type questions.  


    Team members will be selected on the basis of test and quiz scores, creating their own questions, performance at afternoon competitions, and attendance at practices.

    When preparing for Battle of the Books, write at least 10 questions and answers for each of the books you read.  Writing the questions near the time you read the book is recommended.  Write questions and answers on 3x5 notecards, in a notebook, or word process questions on a computer and save to a computer file.  Writing the page number as to where the answer can be found in the book is recommended. 


    All questions should begin as follows:  "In the book, (title of book)...

    Questions should ask names of characters, names of teachers, names of pets, how characters are related to one another, important facts such as important places in the story, name of a school, the grade in school of the character, important dates, type of car in the story, colors mentioned, etc.