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Mrs. Stacey Godsey

The 3rd Quarter ended on March 13. Students have the opportunity to improve their grade if they wish by following the instructions provided and reading the email that was sent to students on their school Gmail account on Monday, March 30. If you are happy with your 3rd Quarter grade, then you need to take no additional action at this time. Information about 4th Quarter assignments will be coming to you soon.

If you would like to improve your Quarter 3 grade, please log into your Google account and join our class.  The assignment will be posted there.  

There are several options for turning in assignments if a student wishes to have it count toward their 3rd Quarter grade:

     o Save any documents that can be saved on the computer submitted via Google Classroom.

     o Type answers to worksheets and other work onto a WORD document and email it to me at

     o Hand write answers to assignments on notebook paper and use one of the outlined options below to get it to me:

     o Scan and email the documents to the teacher from their home if you have that ability.

     o Take a picture of the assignment with your phone and email it to me at (make sure it is clear and I can read your answers)

o If the work cannot be saved on the computer or emailed to me, drop off assignments into the secure box at the front of the school by Wednesday, April 8, 2020 (make sure the student’s name is on every piece of paper).

 Dear Students,

I want all of you to know how much I am thinking about you and already missing you.  You are "my kids" and I wish I could wrap you up in a hug right now!  This is a time of uncertainty and I want what is best for you.  I am sad that our time together is gone for now and I didn't get to say a proper goodbye.  We didn't know on Friday that it would be far more than just the weekend.  I am missing each and every one of you!  I am missing your smiles and laughter, the high fives and the hugs...and even the corny jokes.  I'm even missing the chaotic moments we have had in our classroom but most importantly our interactions.  It has been a wonderful year, learning and growing with you.  No matter what the rest of the year brings, I am proud of you and you will forever be in my heart as one of my kids.

This is definitely one school year we will not forget and we will get through it together.  Remember that you are STRONGER than you know, BRAVER than you believe, and SMARTER than you think you are!  Know that I am always here for you!

Sending you love and hugs,

Mrs. Godsey