Ms. Turit Wilroy

Phone: 757 868-7123 ext 4718


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Degree from Germany (French, Russian, Education) Certified to teach German, French, Russian, Spanish, English

Ms. Turit Wilroy


Welcome Back!


I am excited to be starting the 4th Quarter with you! Our class may look a little different than what we are used to, but we will navigate our way through this change together. Here is some information you may find helpful.


When we have live instructional sessions or small group meetings, they will be on Tuesdays between 1:00 and 2:30  p.m.


It is going to be very important that you check your PCPS GMail account and our Google Classroom at least once a day as these will be the primary ways that I will communicate with you during the 4th quarter.


There is a detailed message on my google classroom that informs you about how I will deliver the curriculum, what types of assignments you can expect etc. Please read it carefully.


If you are not sure how to join or use Google Classroom or just need a quick refresher, please take a moment to watch this short video. How to Sign-in to Google Classroom and Access Materials


I will have office hours all quarter where I will be available to help you or answer any questions you may have.

Every day from 11-1:00, but you an email me anytime!


Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions! 

To access google classroom, you need a code. 

The codes are as follows:

German I:  yrdfh5j

German II: 5fa6xiv

German III: 2da67lg

German IV: ulz5oxu

Stay healthy and safe!

Turit Wilroy

PCPS Grading Policy for 4th Quarter Student Work  Daily work and assessments will be graded in the same manner they are when students are in a typical classroom setting.  Parents should contact the teacher if they have questions about a specific grade. Participation  Teachers may choose to grade students for participation in class activities, to include live sessions with the understanding that there may be legitimate reasons for a student absence from a live session. o It should be noted that if a student misses a live session it will be treated as a class absence. The teacher and parent/guardian will communicate if a student misses a live session. The following reasons would result in an excused absence from the activity. ● The student is needed for family support, such as providing childcare for another sibling. ● The parent is unable to assist the student in getting online and the child is unable to do so without assistance. ● The student is unable to connect for technical reasons to include a broken device. ● The student has a conflict with another live session with a teacher. ● The student is ill. ● Other extenuating circumstances.  There may be circumstances that constrain students and do not afford them the opportunity to access assignments or participate in asynchronous or synchronous learning. In these instances, teachers will work with students to determine the best course of action. Quarter, Semester and Final Grades ● Flexibility is being provided in terms of the grade calculation for semester and final grades as result of the new teaching and learning environment ● Grades for the 2nd semester will be calculated one of two ways for students, with the higher of the two being used as the second semester grade and calculated into the final grade. ○ Option 1 2nd semester grade = 3rd quarter grade (50%) + 4th quarter grade (50%) ○ Option 2 2nd semester grade = 3rd quarter grade (75%) + 4th quarter grade (25%)