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Retired Teacher Mentor Program

Our New & Retired Teacher Program is getting ready to start! Our interest/introductory meeting will be Monday morning (7/25) at City Hall at 9:30am.

The objective of this program is to connect teachers new to the profession with experienced, veteran teachers in hopes to create mentorship, share ideas, and build relationships.
The role of a retired mentor teacher is an informal one. You can stop by for lunch once a month, visit a class, and/or just lend an ear. 
This is a great way to connect our new teachers to someone with years of experience and wisdom that can't be duplicated. 
If you are a retired teacher and would be willing to spend 30min to 1hour a month to help a new teacher, please let us know! 
Please email or call Kelly Purdie at 757-868-3055 / 

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