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  • Poquoson Middle School serves a total population of almost 500 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Our high expectations are carried out throughout the building within our staff and students. Poquoson Middle School promotes a climate conducive to success based on safety, accountability, and a close partnership with parents and the community. A typical day at Poquoson Middle School consists of seven periods. In addition to Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Health and Physical Education, students may be exposed to reading and math support, foreign language (French and Spanish), Technology Education, Band, Chorus, Drama, and Art.

PMS Announcements

  • PMS is ALL IN!

    Poquoson Middle School launches ALL IN movement.  Are you ALL IN?  Check out this video to see what it's all about!

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  • Change to School Calendar

    PCPS had to close school on Friday, October 12 as a result of the power outages that occurred because of the high winds that came with the remnants of Hurricane Michael. The school calendar previously had December 19 as the last day before winter break.  December 20 will now be the last school day before winter break and it will be an early dismissal day.  If we miss additional days after winter break due to inclement weather, January 21, January 28 and February 15 will be considered for use as make-up days. Thank you for your flexibility as we continue to work to meet state requirements and ensure our students receive  as much instruction as possible.

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  • Announcements for December 3 - 7, 2018

    "Every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation".  Gordon B. Hinckly

    "Did you know that honey bees came over with the Pilgrams?  They are not recognized as citizens, but corporations are!"  June Stoyer

    "Good Citizenship and defending democracy means living up to the ideals and values that make this counrty great".  Ronald Reagan

    "There is nothing more fulfilling than to serve your country and your fellow citizens and to do it well". President George H. W. Bush

    "Part of being a good citizen is volunteering and making an impact in your community to change it for the better".

    Hour of Code:  This week is Hour of Code.  Over 100 million students will participate worldwide in logging at least 1 hour of code, or computer programming.  This week we will provide you with a few extra facts about coding.

    • The first computer programmer was a woman.  Despite currently being a male-dominated field, many people don't know that history remembers the first computer programmer to be a woman.  Ada Lovelace, a gifted mathematician and computer programmer from London, is credited with being the first person to develope what we now know as computer concepts.  She is credited with numerous forward-thinking contributions to computer science.
    • A real live "computer bug" sparked popularity for the phrase.  Ever wonder where the term 'computer bug' came from?  Well actually, we can thank a moth for popularizing the phrase.  The use of the word 'bug' to refer to a problem, fault or dysfunction has been around for a long time, but in 1943, programmer Grace Hopper was working on the Mark I Electromechanical Computing Machine when she discovered that a moth was stuck in a relay, hindering the performance of the machine.  The first "Computer Bug" was a moth.  Once the computing machine was debugged, operation returned to normal, as you can imagine.  The literal appearance of a 'bug' or fault was humerous to Hopper, and became the famous phrase we use today.
    • Programming can teach you a new way of thinking.  At most jobs, you learn new concepts or a set of skills once, and you complete similar tasks with these skills every day.  For example, you might learn how to enter data into a spreadsheet, or fill out a sales invoice.  The daily duties of these jobs require those activities every day, and you never need to "think" about how to do anything else.
    • You don't need programming experience to learn how to code.  Despite what some people may have told you, learning the trade doesn't mean you need previous experience.  There are plenty of coders that have excelled in the field, not because of their vast prior knowledge, but their willingness and passion to learn the material.  The only things you really need to learn how to code are a computer, a positive attitude, and the will to work hard.  Though coding might not be for everyone, don't let your lack of experience steer you away from trying to learn.
    • There are 698 different coding languages.  Behind Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, coding languages would come in third place in regards to a number of languages if it were a country.  While this means there is a huge diversity of computer programming languages, we don't suggest you try to learn them all.  Each coding language has its different place and purpose, similat to that of spoken languages.

    Fundraiser:  Students -  The Gamer Chamber and Slap4Cash fundraiser events will be held this Thursday, December 5th.  Students who received the special "chrome coop" should bring your coop to the main office today or tomorrow in order to receive your VIP pass for the Gamer Chamber.

    Novel:  Congratulations to the winners of the Poquoson Middle School's November Novel Writing Contest!  They each win $20 cash.  Congratulations to Evie Weimert, Mackenzie Titko, Hailey Firth, and Emmalee McAdams.  Please stop by the library to collect your prize money.

    K-Team:  The K-Team will meet after school today in the library.  All students are welcome to attend.

    Girls Basketball:  Come out to support the Girls J.V. and Varsity Basketball teams tonight, Tuesday, December 4th!  The home games at J.V. at 5:30 and Varsity at 7:00.

    Spelling Bee:  The local Spelling Bee has been moved to Monday, December 17th.  After-school activity busses will be available.

    Battle of the Classes:  6th Grade Battle of the Classes will meet in Mrs. Lantz's room today, Wednesday, at lunch.

    Library:  The library will close at 2:35pm today, Wednesday, December 5th.  Please do not send any students to the library after school today.

    Chorus:  Chorus students at the tree-lighting ceremony; our rehearsal is after-school today in the chorus room.  

    World Drumming:  World Music Drumming rehearsals will resume in January.

    Cookie Drive:  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  The PMS 2018 Cookie Drive for Troops will be on Wednesday, December 12th.  Students and staff consider donating a gallon size ziploc bag containing 2 dozen of homemade cookies.  All cookies will be turned in to Ms. Natasha Smith in room 107 at the start of the school day.  Community service hours will be given to those students who participate.

    SCA News:  Are you going to the Holiday Parade?  Come support your SCA as we sell hot chocolate in front of Mr. C's.  $1 per cup!

    Chorus:  Attention chorus students singing at the Tree-Lighting Ceremonry - Meet Mrs. Sherman in the lobby near the public library/city hall by 4:10pm this afternoon, Friday, December 7th and get excited!  Fun day of celebrations!

    SCA:  There will be an SCA meeting for all representatives on Monday the 10th in Mrs. Purdie's room after school.




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  • PCPS Students and Teachers Ready to Inspire

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  • Accessing Your PCPS Gmail Account

    For details on how to access your Poquoson City Public Schools Gmail account, click HERE

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  • Supply Lists 

    The supply list for the 2018-2019 school year is posted!  Check out what you will need for a successful school year!

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