The Budget

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    Budget Update (February 2020):

    An additional $1,544,600 was transferred to the PMS Modernization Project after School Board approval on January 21, 2020. The project’s total budget is now $19,457,332.

    Three CIP projects were delayed providing the additional funding:

    Metal portion of the Poquoson Primary School Roof: $200,000

    Total cost of the Poquoson High School Roof: $1,003,600

    Cost of Bus Replacement (3): $341,000

    The Primary School roof project, minus the metal portion, will be completed in summer 2021. The High School roof project’s timeline for budgeting and completion will be determined at a later date.

    PCPS is working to design the modernization project within the framework of available funding. 

    Budget Update (November 2019)

    $14 million is available for construction out of the $17 million earmarked for the project. As a result of additional Impact Aid (federal funding) and Sales Tax revenue, the school division was able to set aside an additional $195,000.

    Additional funds were moved to the PMS Project after testing of the Primary School and High School roofs.

    • Roofing experts estimate that a savings of approximately $700,000 from the $2.5 million roof project funding may be saved
    • The savings will be moved to the PMS Project