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Morning Meetings at PES

Morning Meeting

Poquoson Elementary School has initiated “Morning Meetings” this year as part of school wide PBIS (positive behavior interventional strategies.)  In daily morning meetings, students and teachers gather and build relationships, learn about each other, and strengthen their classroom community through shared activities. The meetings include a greeting, a time to share, a class activity and daily announcements to get the day going. Greetings are varied and fun, from a “One Minute Greeting” in which each student greets as many students as they can in one minute, to greeting each other in a different language or even in sign language. Sharing activities can include telling about one’s favorite food or a time when they felt brave. Some teachers have included journaling as soon as students enter the classroom on the topic they will share in morning meeting. Activity time supports cooperation and team building through games and friendly competitions like “Guess the Number” or  “Hula Hoop Pass Through”. Announcements help set the stage for the day and give students heads up of any changes to the routine of the day.

Pictured:  Mrs. Frisby’s 4th grade class