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Third Grade Market Day

Market Days exchange

Market Day happened right before the winter break and served as a culminating hands-on project to extend our Poquoson third graders’ knowledge of economics, namely about consumers, producers, goods, services, resources, economic choices, and opportunity cost. Students became “producers” and made a “product”, and then had to “sell” their products to other students and staff who served as “consumers”.  Students brought materials to school, made their products, set their price and advertised accordingly. Students chose what to make and there was a wide variety of products seen, such as spoon catapults, bookmarks, ornaments, sensory bottles, and artwork, to name a few. On Market Day itself, students and staff visited our “vendors” and went shopping with “money” earned for positive classroom behavior and completed work.

Pictured: Cainan Pai buying catapults from William Irvine.