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Westward Bound!

Westward Bound Gameboard

Poquoson Middle School 6th grade students are Westward Bound in Mrs. Blackstock and Mr. Grabowski’s  classes.  The group of adventurers (students) were tasked with creating a game board that reflects what they have learned about the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Westward Expansion.  They were instructed to create 25-30 questions for their game board and include the answers.   The questions covered a variety of topics such as how the U.S. acquired the territory, what did they discover, what events took place during the trip and much more.  Deploying this activity in the library allowed the students immediate access to various tools that would help them explore the lands acquired in the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Territory using the readily available technology, books, and magazines.   

Pictured:  Smitha Manikandan