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40 Book Reading Challenge

40 Book Challenge

Poquoson Middle School teacher, Mrs. Lantz, challenged each of her 6th grade students to a 40 Book Reading Challenge at the beginning of the school year.  They were challenged to read as many books as possible, spanning multiple genres. Students read nonfiction, biographies, classics, mysteries, and so many more. It expanded their world of knowledge and spurred them to read things they wouldn't normally read.  Mrs. Lantz checked the students’ progress throughout the year and asked each student to chart their completed books.  Eleven students completed the entire 40 Book Challenge!  Many students read more than they have ever read on their own. The 40 Book Reading Challenge was fun for their own personal enjoyment.

From top left to right:  Joey Johnson, Joseph Young, Mrs. Lisa Esposito, Meredith Woodruff, Sophia Deeb, Hannah Ritchard, Mrs. Lantz

From bottom left to right: Blane Ehasz, Alexander Jones, Stephen DeGuzman, Anastasia Sciretti,  Zakary Kendrick