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Empowering Students through Coding

Coding Class

Poquoson Middle School is offering students innovative technology education.  Our plan is empowering our students for a smarter future.   Students in Mrs. Miller’s class will learn coding through creative software designed to help them make their own resources: 

  • Students will understand not only how to use a computer, but how to manipulate and create programs.
  • Students will be taught computational thinking, which sets them up for further coding, as well as understanding the way in which computers work.
  • Students will learn logical reasoning skills through programming.
  • Students will learn important problem solving skills in building and correcting computer programs.
  • Coding is a creative outlet for children, which is so important in a technology driven environment; they learn to create content, not just to consume it.

PICTURED:  Connor Owen, Connor McGowen, and David Wojick I